Tanis Ostermann is Principal & Founder of CanSustain, a Manitoba firm specializing in environmental and sustainability management issues and solutions. She has worked in the fields of environmental and sustainability management system development and improvement for twenty- five years, having led the design, facilitation and development of sustainability focused projects.

 Ms. Ostermann has experience in utility, aerospace, clean-tech, water management, academic, airport management, retail, agri-food, telecom and municipal sectors. She has provided advice on the most pressing environmental and sustainability issues in the world today, including climate change, municipal planning, ESG, clean tech advancement, corporate sustainability governance and circular economies.

 She is an Environmental Professional, certified through the Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board. Ms. Ostermann has a Bachelor of Science in environmental toxicology and a Master of Environment focusing on the use of existing, well-functioning management systems to enhance sustainability performance.

 Most recently she has served on the Expert Advisory Committee under the Manitoba Climate and Green Plan; as the Manitoba Representative to the Sustainable Development Advisory Council under the Canadian Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada, and on the Canadian Standardization Advisory Committee on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Sustainability of Standards Council of Canada.


HealthPRO Canada

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A trusted partner in Canada’s healthcare supply chain for more than 25 years, HealthPRO Canada facilitates and manages modern, innovative and sustainable contracts for supplies, equipment and medications.

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